Origins, Impact and Control of Pandemic Influenza

This online enduring material will provide vital information on the origins, impact and control of pandemic influenza. This educational activity will serve as a central means by which healthcare providers are able to become informed about pandemic influenza.

Learning Module

This online course is intended for physicians, nurses, nurse practitioners, pharmacists, first responders and any other healthcare professional who may come into contact with patients and the general public. This course module will provide vital information on the origins, impact, and control of pandemic influenza with the focus on informing healthcare workers and first responders on the history and current state of Pandemic Flu.

The focus of this session is three-fold:

1.) To discuss the origins of the seasonal and pandemic flu and pay particular attention to the differences in the spread of each virus

2.) Describe the historic and potential impact of influenza pandemic on people

3.) To summarize approaches to the control of pandemic influenza and the challenges associated with treatment

Learning Module